Reflexology plantaire

The Reflexology plantaire (method Eunice Ingham and Dc William Fitzgerald)

- the principle and the actions

Exercer of the pressures on zones reflexes of feet to act and stimulate the corresponding organs.

She(it) stimulates the natural defenses, frees(releases) the tensions bound(connected) to the stress, she(it) has a preventive action and curative.-She(It) improves your comfort during numerous disorders(confusions):

+ problems of back, joint(articulation) or muscular: cervical pains, lumbar vertebrae, sciatica, degenerative osteoarthritis

+ Problems bound(connected) to the nervous system: migraines, irritability, hyperactivity, insomnia + hormonal Problems: painful rules(rulers), amenorrhea, hot flashes, hypo / hyperthyroïdie

+ problems of skin: acne, psoriasis, allergies

+ digestive Problems: constipation, diabetes, colitis, cholesterol

+ Problems of traffic(circulation): heavy legs, traffic(circulation), dizzinesses....

Think - yLe failed heavy legs of 5 sessions by the drainage-pédo-réflexe, the executé of the end of April in in the middle of June at the rate of a session a week, can allow you to cross(spend) the summer comfortably.

+ respiratory Problems: asthma, sinusitis, cold

- Warning: " the practitioners of the F.F.M.B.E having for intention and end(purpose) the well-being of the person, the techniques practised in the absence of diagnosis and of therapeutic treatment(processing), are not similar not at all, neither in the contents nor in the objectives, in the practice of the masso-physiotherapy, as well as in any medical practice ".

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