The various proposed techniques: the ayurvedic techniques, the Tuina, the Shiatsu, the back massage...

The proposed techniques of massages-well-being.

- The Rebalancing of the back:

This technique is specific to relieve the muscular tensions of the back by integrating(joining) it the stretchings of the muscular chaines implied(involved) in the good balance and the flexibility of the whole crânio-sacred rachi.

The session consists in working the back, the nape of the neck, the occipital zone, the upper limbs, the lower limbs, the zone of the pond and particularly the glutei, then the costal and thoracic zone.

Runs on table, with hot and biological oil. Lasted 1:00 am.

The ayurvedic Techniques.

- Abhyanga ( India):

It is a very energizing and relaxing method, exercised on the complete body, the face, the head, the body, in brief of the head every inch, in tepid(warm) biological oil.

Used oil is mostly some sesame oil deodorized with addition of essential oil (ylang-ylang, ginger, palmarosa, small grain(bead) bigarade). Lasted 1:00 am.


This technique addresses every person avid to improve its digestive and especially intestinal comfort.

She(It) is soft and fluid on the thoracic, abdominal zone and the low back, she(it) execute by circular movements, light pressures and smoothings in the sense(direction) of the intestinal péristaltisme.

Is practised on table in hot oil. Lasted 1:00 am.

Other energy techniques.

- Tuina ( China):

It is a very dynamic complete method in aromatic oil. He(it) is very deep with circular movements, smoothings, rather strong pressures.

On table, lasted: 1:00 am.

- The Shiatsu (Japan):

In this technique, the massed(massaged) person can remain dressed according to its choice.

The principle is to stimulate the points of energy by pressures on 12 main meridians. Lasted 1:00 am.

- The world tour:

It is the global technique of the body in hot and biological oil, that is a summary of all other techniques described above.

The movements of the practitioner vary according to what he(it) feels under the hands, trust him and be allowed carry(wear). You will be filled ( e ) s

If execute on table, minimal duration 1:00 am at 1:15 am.


I use a heating mattress put on the table of massage for your comfort. Thank you for warning me of possible problems (traffic)((circulation)).

He(It) is not used by essential oil for the pregnant women.

Contraindication in the massages generally: reached(affected) subjects of serious illnesses and disadvised from the pregnant women of less than 3 months.

" The practitioners of the F.F.M.B.E having for intention and end(purpose) the well-being of the person, the techniques practised in the absence of diagnosis and of therapeutic treatment(processing), are similar not at all, either in the contents or in the objectives, in the practice of the masso-physiotherapy, as well as in any medical practice ".



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